Monday, June 29, 2009

Accessories Are A Necessities

Ever wanted to spice up your wardrobe but haven’t had the funds to do so?? The perfect accessory can add an alternative to the spicing up of your outfit. A sparkle here, a handbag there and a pair of oh so gorgeous got to have them shoes for those pretty little feet of yours will make your look complete.

But there is one simple rule do not over-accessorise, you will end up looking like an overdressed Christmas tree. Choose one or two bold piece and keep the rest to a minimum.

Every girl needs a handbag to pile all the ever important things like the lip balm, the cell phone and the wallet. Not only is the handbag a practical accessory it can also be a stylish one and comes in an array of shapes and sizes and colours and fabrics. Choose a clutch or an over the shoulder bag for the glam look, or a funky retro satchel for a more casual look.

Visit Strandbags, Farmers, K-mart, Glassons, Portmans and Max to buy your perfect hand bag. Go kiwi styles and purchase or even make if you’ve got the skills with a kete. Even have a search around in op-shops and antique stores to find that one in a million gem.

Shoes glorious shoes, everybody needs them everybody wants them and everybody must have them!! People say that you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes, so why not make it your goal to impress. But the rules are simple: be practical don’t wear your six inch stilettos to the beach, and don’t I repeat do not wear jandals to a cocktail party. These rules are obvious but others are not. When choosing your shoes decide whether they will be the key accessory out of your outfit. This season shoes are bright, very high and strappy or with pointy toes.

If you want your shoes to stand out choose bold colours, ones with ribbons, heels, sparkles, gems, pointy toes whatever your foot desires but keep the rest of the outfit simple. If you add to much colour, ribbons, sparkles or gems to the rest of your outfit it will draw attention away from your gorgeous footwear and may also scare people away, let the shoes speak for themselves. If you’re showing your toes give your toenails a nice coat of polish to finish them off.

Diamonds are a girls best friend? Well, sometimes, jewellery is the next key accessory for your look. Long dangly earrings are really popular now and look great with your hair pulled to the side or up in a pony tail or bun. A simple pendant can look ultra classy, go Sarah Jessica Parker and wear two or three pendants at once or try a colourful beaded necklace for a bohemium or beach bum look. Make sure you have fun with jewellery you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy it; match it to your outfit, wear bold jewellery to make a statement or make your own to be totally individual and unique.

Belts can really funk up a drab outfit. Wide belts look great with jeans and can be really slimming. Be adventurous and loop a scarf through the belt holes of your pants, this is a cheap alternative to the belt and can be chopped and changed to suit every outfit. Copy the skatey look and use chains for a belt or even borrow grandma’s shawl and tie it around your waist.

The accessory isn’t limited to handbags, shoes, jewellery or belts. Add a flower to your hair, some styly nail polish, a cuff or a head scarf and voila! Instant transformation. The accessory is a necessity, a simple addition to your outfit can totally change your look.

Olivia Blackburn

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