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What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Job Interview

May 01, 2008 by shadows What you wear to a job interview is very important, after all it might be the deciding factor on whether or not you get the job. You've have made the pain staking effort to make sure your resume is absolutely perfect. You've spent hours making sure your outfit was crisp, and professional. But, sometimes it's the little things we overlook, that leave a lasting impression. For example your hair, make-up, and lets not forget your jewelry.

What Jewelry You Should Not Wear:

You want to look professional, even if casual attire is appropriate for your job interview. You should never where children's or juvenile jewelry. A job interview is not the time to show your childish side. Even though the Tinkerbell necklace might be cute, it's just not appropriate if you want to be taken seriously. You should also avoid wearing trendy jewelry such as jelly bracelets, spike collars, facial piercings and other visible body jewelry. Lets face it we live in a judgmental world where self expression can cost you a good job.

Wearing to much, or to bold of jewelry can also leave a bad impression. It's alright to wear a tasteful bracelet, but don't wear twenty of them unless your looking for a job as a part time gypsy. The same rule applies to rings, and bracelets. In the case of job interviews, size does matter. Bold, expressive jewelry might call to much attention, a lead your interviewer to wondering how heavy the piece is, instead of how qualified you are for the job. Regardless if your wearing beads, or pure gold, choose jewelry in petite sizes.

Never try to fancy yourself up, with tons of costume jewelry. If you do you'll either look like you came from a parade, or you grabbed your jewelry out of your young daughters make believe dress up set. A pair of fake pearls that are realistic looking, and petite look great with some outfits. Just don't wear a bold pair of fake hot pink pearls. The same rule applies to bracelets.

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