Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weather You Know It Or Not


As we get older our skin becomes dryer, even if we have oily skin. Dry skin is very noticeable in the winter because of the extremely low humidity outdoors and the high air humidity indoors (due to heated buildings).

Heated buildings remove more moisture from the air; without a humidifier our heat is very dry.
Which results in a loss of moisture. Our bodies need moisture in order to maintain and function properly.

People with Eczema have low moisture and very sensitive skin. Which is marked by dry itch and blistery skin that can become troublesome in extreme cold and hot weather. Warm months can cause one to sweat; which causes prickly heat flare ups. Stay moisturized by wearing sun block and using mild soaps.

Those who suntan need to know that suntan is a defense against the body’s exposure to the sun. Tanning salons use ultraviolet light which are more harmful than the ultra violet rays of the sun. After the exposure the melanin (pigment of the skin), starts to darken which starts the process of the sun tan. However, if you exceed the limit of melanin you will start to burn. This is the process known as “sun burning.”

To protect yourself when sun tanning, moisturize your skin. Use a great moisturizing soap before and after sun tanning and before you go to bed. The more moisture you get the more radiant you look and feel. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily.

Our bodies are made of more than 60 percent water. It surrounds our cells and provides nutrients and metabolic products. Thus water is a vital part of our survival.

I have listed here a couple of moisturizing baths for the winter months.


A Bath for Preventing Colds & Flu
This will help you ward off colds and flu.
Put in: 2 drops of peppermint oil
2 drops of juniper oil
4 drops of lavender oil
Milk powder as a solvent

A Bath for A Cold
If you are suffering with a cold this type of bath will relieve you of congestion and allow you to breathe freely.
Put in: 6 drops of Eucalyptus oil
Or 6 drops of Thyme oil
1 drop of sunflower oil

Eucalyptus- improves circulation and loosen muscles in the chest.
Thyme- relaxes the bronchial tubes and brings up phlegm.

Make sure that you get the essential moisture that your body requires. Glycerin soap is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types. It is gentle and supple to the skin without robbing your skin of its natural moisture.

During these extreme weather conditions. Weather you know it or not.
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