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Traditional Soap vs. Glycerin Soap

(Glycerin Soap)
Remember when they use to say “wash your mouth out with soap.” Did anyone ever stop to think that washing someone’s mouth out with soap would be harmful to them? Traditional soap (a regular bar of soap, ie Dove, Dial and Irish Spring) have been around for along time; it contains harsh chemicals that are dangerous. These chemicals include: DEA, Isopropyl Alcohol, BHT and Triclosan (commonly found in anti-bacteria soap). When using traditional soap for a long period of time it can cause the skin to itch, to become dry and produce a rash. Now, who would want “that” (traditional soap) in their mouths.

Have you ever took a bath or shower, dried off and didn’t apply any lotions? Due to you having to rush out the door for school/work and a hour later looked down and see your legs have ashed (dry flakes of skin on your legs). Unlike traditional soap, glycerin soaphas ingredients in it to helps to moisturize the skin as well has help pre-existing skin condition to calm the skin down. In addition, removing dryness and the itchy rash.

Eco-friendly Soap

Glycerin is a eco-friendly soap it can be used and is used in many different things in shampoo‘s, conditioners and lotions. (It’s water soluble and alcohol soluble; but soap isn‘t biodegradible). It’s also environmentally safe because it dissolves. Traditional soap does dissolve but after it does it leaves harmful bacteria in your water, which goes back into the environment.

Are You Getting Your Monies Worth?

A lot of manufactures put glycerin in your body lotion and facial cream because of it‘s solubility. They charge you a lot more money for the small amount of glycerinthey put in your lotions and facial creams. If you don’t believe me than do this, stop reading right now and go pick up any lotion in your home and you will find that it has glycerin in it because it is a moisturizing ingredient.

Handmade glycerin soaps are far better than traditional soaps because it has glycerin in it and it has other ingredients that help your skin feel smooth and silky (that’s why when you touch glycerin soap it feels silky). You are getting more, than your monies worth with handmade glycerin soapthan with traditional soap

Traditional or Handmade Soap You Decide

Traditional soap is the oldest cleaner known to man. It is made by a chemical process is called saponification this is the chemical reaction which produces soap (which produces a hard bar of soap that is cheap and plentiful). Glycerin is produced during saponification but is extracted from traditional soap. Glycerin which is a humectants that absorbs moisture from the air and binds the moisture to your skin. With daily use glycerin soap will make your skin soft and smooth. It’s sensitive, so it can be used on both children and adults.

Handmade glycerin soap carries a lot of healing properties for those that may have skin problems (sensitive skinie. Eczema, Psoriasis) you will find relief with handmade soaps. It is truly a mild soap compared to traditional soap and therefore is especially hard to find. At Uniquic we carry different sizes of glycerin soap. If you want soft smooth skin. Soap that won’t leave your skin dry. Soap that will give you the moisture that you need. Which can bring life back into your skin. Then check out our homemade glycerin soap

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