Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion Corner is Getting a Style Makeover

Fashion Corner is getting a style make-over. We have decided that we won't just be focusing on the clothing aspect of fashion but ALL aspects (at least as many aspects as possible). I am talking about reviews on what's new in interior design to what latest fashion for your pets. As a philosophy we believe that fashion is important but what is more important is style because style isn't what you buy but who you are. 

What I mean by that is that, yes, we will be talking about fashion but with that I will be telling you how to make it your personal style. Read our SIMPLY UNIQUIC eMag article about "Discovering Your "SIMPLY UNIQUIC" Style" ..."Whether your a fashionista ( a person devoted to fashion clothing, especially unique or high fashion as defined by urban dictionary) or not I 'm sure that you've heard on television and read about all the latest trends in fashion. But what we believe is more important than fashion is style..."

So be looking for a review on the latest trend in interior design in bathrooms and what you can do to make it your own for your budget and your space (home, apartment or loft). Thanks everyone and have a good night.
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