Saturday, November 27, 2010

Occupied Part 3: Doing it Yourself!


Now, that we have seen what trends are in this season and how to figure out which trends fit into your own personal fashion style; we can put this information into action.

First, let's start off with ways to bring in color.  You don't have to spend a lot to get the color palette you want.  For those who rent, you may or may not be able to paint but you can bring in color in other ways, like accessories.  Candles are a great color accessory and should you want to change your color, it's just a matter of changing a candle.  Rugs, towels, show curtains, window treatments, art / photos, soap and so forth are all great color accessories as well for your bathroom.  If you own your home or your landlord will allow you to paint be sure that when you go to your local home improvement store you get color samples and not just the chart, buy or ask for a small sample paint can to take home with you.  It will allow you to be able to see how the paint color looks in your home when it dries (colors often change color from the can to your wall once they dry).  Don't forget to get primer or look for paints that are both.  And also find out the return policy on the paint, as well as if they are willing to remix your paint if necessary to save you time and money.

Next week, I will continue with Part 3 and tell you how easy  and inexpensive it can be to add shelving to your bathroom as well as your personal artwork in your bathroom to fit your personal fashion style.

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