Monday, December 6, 2010

Occupied: Part B Doing-It-Yourself

Now, we can finish our project by placing those much needed final touches to your bathroom that reflect your own fashion style to fit into the 2010 bathroom trends. Shelving / storage and artwork are some of those final touches.

To start putting shelving /storage on your walls you need to get a level (it doesn't have to be anything expensive), two or more brackets depending upon the amount of shelving / storage that you want, a piece of shelving board (most stores carry a range of shelving board sizes), measuring tape, screws, power drill and bit(s). 

Once, you have all these needed materials you can start to plan where you want the shelving / storage to be.  One technique to planning is to take into account your height, by that I mean don't place shelving above your head or below your knee to keep you from straining your muscles in trying to reach your shelving. 

After measuring the appropriate height position, mark where and how long your shelving is and where you will place your brackets. So that there is an even distribution of weight.

After you have marked where the screws go, in based upon the positioning of the brackets holes for screws, use your power drill with a bit to make your holes. These holes from the drill will help you screw you screws in easier. 
A great way to make personalized artwork is to use your own family and /or friends photos but shots that are candid (when people don't know they were photographed) and also photos of the beautiful scenery in your community.  Another idea is to use your children's artwork, including any certificates of achievements.  Art is interpretative, almost anything can easily become art.

Also magazines and /or newspaper clips, can be arrange on paper to be framed, to look like abstract artwork.  If you are brave and artistically gifted you can paint a mural or objects on your wall.  But be sure that you love it enough because it's not easily changed.

I hope that all this information has been helpful to you and that you know that fashion (current trends) should never overrule style but can be a helpful tool.

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