Monday, April 4, 2011

"A House is Not a Home": Without a Sense of Your Personal Style

 Your home is not only four walls, a roof and a door but it is a place where you live and have special moments of your life.  So, why not let it reflect your personal style in life.  One of the places where those special moments takes place is the dinning table.  Let's give it some pizazz; a great centerpiece can really set a table.

UNIQUIC Couture Boutique Home Decor Centerpiece
We have created a beautiful spring inspired floral centerpiece with a handmade UNIQUIC Couture Boutique Handmade Candle (click link to see our candles).  The linen is a simple lace table cloth, its simplicity is to compliment the variety of color in the floral arrangement.  We will be debuting our FALL 2011-2012 Collection of Handmade Centerpieces in our Home Decor Line @

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