Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Three R's Re-stuff, Revive and Relax: On Your Old Pillows

Instructions: On how to re-stuff and revive your pillows.

Take your old flatten pillow and restore it instead of going to the store and buying a new one.

These are the items that you need to do this and a sewing machine  

STEP 1. Remove the stitching off the side of your pillow with seam ripper.


STEP 2. Once you get an opening in the pillow like this...

STEP 3. Then cut with scissors across the pillow from the opening like this...

STEP 4. Cut off the fabric that has the stitching so both sides     look the same.

STEP 5. Pull out the stuffing and put a hole through the middle like a turkey, all the way through the center. 

STEP 6. Put the stuffing back in the case.

STEP 7. Now get your old fabric stuffing's.

STEP 8. Place old fabric stuffing's in the center of the pillow like a turkey.

STEP 9. Fill the fabric stuffing up to the top, then pull the pillow  stuffing up to the top and cover fabric stuffing. Leave room for hemming and sewing up the hem. Make sure pillow stuffing is smooth on outer layer of fabric.

STEP 10. Your pillow is almost filled up continue to make sure you don't see any lumps from the pillow stuffing. (To smooth pull up on pillow stuffing)

STEP 11. Pin up the opening on the pillow halfway.

STEP 12. Sew up the open seam on the pillow

STEP 13. I put my pillow on top of a stool to sew, but you can fill up pillow halfway then sew the opening ONLY halfway, then finish stuffing your pillow to the top on the side you sewed up. 

STEP 14. Stitch across pillow...

STEP 15. Stuff the other corner of the pillow to the top leaving room to hem and sew up the hem.

STEP 16. Pin the other side of pillow making hem and then pinning the two hems together.

STEP 17. Sew up the other side of the pillow.

STEP 18. Now your pillow is "Restuffed, Revived so now...


Before                                    After

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