Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hair Texture Discrimination

The Underlying Truth...

There is a new misconception that discriminates against certain natural hair types. During the early 70's natural hair was consider to be unprocessed with curly coils everyone women wanted the curly coils even white women but now the misconception is you must have loose curls to be natural. This misconception is being reinforced in main stream media that is trying to make women with curly coils feel inferior to women with loose curls. You can even see it this youtube video, about the struggles, curly coil women face day to day. Even when looking for those natural wigs there are far too many loose curly and wavy wigs and not enough natural hair wigs. Which is quite ironic because back in the 60’s you could find curly coils wigs all the time. We must take over this hair industry and produce the products that define who we are and what we love.!

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