Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Keep Your Toddler’s Hair from Breakage


   1.  Make sure that you wash and moisturize their hair daily. If that’s not an option for you buy or make a satin bonnet and a satin pillow case because toddler’s sleep very freely all over their beds, I recommend this for both options. 
   Why should you do this?

A. Cotton fabrics tend to dry out their hair. Curly hair tends to tangle easily because of the curliness, which will cause their hair to break when moving during sleep.
  2.  Where areas of their hair is thin, instead of putting tight braids or barrettes in their hair, try two strand twist instead. 
    Why should you do this?

    A. Tight braids and barrettes bring stress to thin areas of their hair, which will cause breakage.  Hair is very weak in thin areas (just think if you were in a fight and someone is pulling your hair, you will loose some hair).
  3. When it comes to hair products for your toddlers I would NOT recommend Johnson's Baby Shampoo products because they contain harmful products for your toddler’s hair and health 
    (you can read here 
What products do I recommend?

A.      Unscented Handmade Soap that contains Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Olive Oil. These products will give elasticity to the hair so if it stretches it will not break so easily, moisture that will keep the hair from drying out (which is another factor into breakage), conditions the hair and scalp which gives strength to the hair and eliminates dandruff from the scalp and promotes growth.
B. Unscented Handmade Lotion/Conditioner that contains Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter. Which strengthens the hair, gives lots of vitamin E for growth, penetrates the hair shaft quickly so oil is not sitting on top of their hair and helps detangle the hair.

Now, keeping them clean is another blog. LOL
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