Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Keep Calm AND Protect Your Natural Hair From Harm

  When I was a young girl, I remember sitting right in front of the television (even though my mother would repeatedly tell me to move back because I was too close to the television) and watch Saturday morning cartoons; as that was my favorite thing to do on Saturday's. As I watched Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, when the commercials would come on I would see these "Just For Me" commercials advertising relaxers to young African-American girls and I would "ooh and aah" at how pretty I thought their hair looked (remember I was a very young girl and hadn't learned to love my GOD-given hair). Now, fast-forward twenty or so years, and I am all about my natural hair and I am all about using natural products on my hair. And of course advertising executives have noticed, what they call "a trend" and begun to advertise heavily on every medium, stating that their products have "natural ingredients". So, I go out and look for products that say that they have Olive Oil or Shea Butter in them and I am thinking, "Hey, I am really doing right by my hair.". I couldn't have been more wrong! I discovered that many of the products from MAJOR beauty brand companies either outright lied or used very little natural ingredients in their products.

  Now, don't go and start pulling out your hair in frustration (after having watched the video above), it's not over until it's over. There are many small business companies that are found in some stores and online that do offer natural hair products with very few ingredients (that is another flag if a product contains a large list of ingredients), that truly help your hair. You can test that the ingredients that they list are in fact natural ingredients (if the company list them using their Latin names), by googling the word "INCI Dictionary", it is a reference tool to use to find out what the layman name is for any ingredient in a beauty or cosmetic product.

Coming this June! UNIQUIC Couture Boutique Wild Fresh Strawberry natural hair products:
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