Friday, June 24, 2016

Your Natural Hair Has No Reason to Lye To You It Wants a NEW Shampoo: Handmade Natural Shampoo Bar



  When was the last time that you listened to your hair? She is always trying to get you to listen to her, but you ignore her the same way to your husband or boyfriend or fiance', sometimes ignores you. Your hair will try to get your attention by breaking off, splitting it's ends, thinning and in a drastic attempt to get your attention it can even stop growing. And when you have really pissed her off she will get your scalp involved and your scalp will flake, burn, become tender, become inflamed etc. So, why aren't you listening to her, after all, she is your hair and wouldn't have any reason to lie to you since your aren't using "lye" anymore on her.
  The first step in listening to your hair is by throwing away your store bought liquid shampoos, full of chemicals and lies about being natural or containing natural ingredients (this article about how store brand beauty product manufacturers lie to you). Now, that you have thrown away those shampoos, pick up our handmade natural shampoo bar (watch the video above) . Our handmade and natural shampoo bars list all its ingredients:
  1. olive oil: which contains Vitamin E (which helps to repair hair follicles and to grow hair)
  2. coconut oil: conditions and nourishes hair with it's fatty acids (which helps to reduce frizz and grow hair faster, longer and thicker)
  3. palm oil: has antibacterial properties (which helps to remove dirt and oil from the scalp to clean and restore hair's natural oil)
Learn more about the benefits of our handmade and natural shampoo bars on our G+ page: Wild Fresh Strawberry Handmade Natural Hair Products

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