Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Natural Hair Growth ABC's: Understanding How Naturally Curly, Coily and Kinky Hair Grows

   Ladies it's that time of the year again for children to go back to school and learn about the three R's: reading, writing and arithmetic (why they call them the three R's and only ONE of them begins with an "R", I will never know), even though we may be beyond the age of going back to school we are never to old to learning something new. So, let's talk about the ABC's or the fundamentals of how hair grows and then talk about how our natural hair grows (especially for women who have curly, coily and kinky hair, aka. 3a-4c range).

 Despite, the fact that ALL hair types from straight to curly require different hair care regimes / routines, one fact is the same for all hair types and that is, that hair grows from our scalp in the same way. So, let's take a trip down memory lane to your days in science or Biology 101 class and discuss how hair grows.

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use image to help understand how hair grows

  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair growth starts at the papilla (also know as the root of your hair follicle), that root is made up of protein cells. Those protein cells then feed off of the blood from the blood vessels underneath your scalp (sounds a little gross, but hey, it's just doing it's job) and this process gives nourishment to the root to grow. As the root grows it passes the sebaceous gland ( also known as the oil gland) that is located in your scalp, as the root has now grown into a hair shaft and pushed its way to the outer skin (also know as your scalp in general terms) and then once they reach the scalp you are able to see the hair shaft (the visible end of the protein cell, aka. hair).

So, what does all that mean...

A: You have to take care of your body by eating right, to make sure that what is in your blood is feeding your hair with nutrients. 
B: Inside your scalp there is an oil gland in it that helps it to grow out of your scalp.
C: Your hair is growing and everyone has oil naturally in their scalp to help in the process of growing hair, it is just that some have more oil that secretes after the hair reaches the outer scalp (ie. straight hair) and some have just enough to help grow the hair in the initial process (ie. coily hair).

  Now, that we have a basic understanding of how hair grows regardless of your hair type, let's talk about naturally curly, coily and kinky hair and it's growth. When it comes to curly, coily and kinky hair types, there is a mask that can hide the true length of your hair and what I mean by that is that it's texture will deceive you and make you think that it is not growing when it is (as long as you are properly taking care of your hair). Curly, coily and kinky hair textures literally...shrinks when you wash it and it drys; that shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. 

Why isn't your hair growing? 

It isn't your hair that isn't growing it is just that you need to understand more about your hair, become what I call "A Smart Natural". Here are THREE things your probably thinking:

1. I have been natural for years...why isn't my hair as long as hers: Lack of Patience

Your hair is growing, as I explained earlier, but all textures don't grow at the same rate and as you try to examine it everyday you don't see growth. Like the old saying goes "a watched pot never boils", just relax and continue to take care of your hair when you aren't micromanaging it's growth you will see in the months to come that it has grown a lot. If you want you can keep a journal of your progress on a month to month basis measuring your hair from root to tip.

2. Why is my Afro or twist out so short: Shrinkage

As I explained earlier shrinkage is unique to curly, coily and kinky hair and that is awesome and it is a sign of healthy hair. The coil or coil-like pattern should act as a coil for example, when pressure is applied to a coil in your mattress it shrinks and then springs back once pressure is taken off, that is elasticity. When your hair has elasticity (you can pull it and it bounces back) and hair that is damaged (split ends / hair that has broken off) and brittle does not have elasticity in it.

see hair type ranges: 3a to 4c
3. My hair sheds a lot: Breakage

Your hair is breaking at the same rate or faster than it is growing. The reason for your hair breakage could be a biological condition, toxic products, hair braiding or twisting or pulling that is too tight, not taking care of your hair or a combination of these issues. The easiest and simplest way to fix hair breakage is by gaining a better understanding of your hair, the products you use and your overall health.

Find out more about toxic ingredients in manufactured hair / beauty products in this blog article:  Keep Calm AND Protect Your Natural Hair From Harm

Friday, June 24, 2016

Your Natural Hair Has No Reason to Lye To You It Wants a NEW Shampoo: Handmade Natural Shampoo Bar



  When was the last time that you listened to your hair? She is always trying to get you to listen to her, but you ignore her the same way to your husband or boyfriend or fiance', sometimes ignores you. Your hair will try to get your attention by breaking off, splitting it's ends, thinning and in a drastic attempt to get your attention it can even stop growing. And when you have really pissed her off she will get your scalp involved and your scalp will flake, burn, become tender, become inflamed etc. So, why aren't you listening to her, after all, she is your hair and wouldn't have any reason to lie to you since your aren't using "lye" anymore on her.
  The first step in listening to your hair is by throwing away your store bought liquid shampoos, full of chemicals and lies about being natural or containing natural ingredients (this article about how store brand beauty product manufacturers lie to you). Now, that you have thrown away those shampoos, pick up our handmade natural shampoo bar (watch the video above) . Our handmade and natural shampoo bars list all its ingredients:
  1. olive oil: which contains Vitamin E (which helps to repair hair follicles and to grow hair)
  2. coconut oil: conditions and nourishes hair with it's fatty acids (which helps to reduce frizz and grow hair faster, longer and thicker)
  3. palm oil: has antibacterial properties (which helps to remove dirt and oil from the scalp to clean and restore hair's natural oil)
Learn more about the benefits of our handmade and natural shampoo bars on our G+ page: Wild Fresh Strawberry Handmade Natural Hair Products

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Got 99 Problems, But My Hair Aint One: Handmade Natural Wild Fresh Strawberry Shampoo Bar

 To quote a line from Jay-Z's music, "I got 99 problems, but..." and then I had my own line to it "my hair aint one." There are so many problems that we face in life from our bills to our family, why should the protection, growth and maintenance of our natural hair be one of our problems. Natural hair is no harder to protect, grow and maintain than any other hair type (for all hair types have their pro's and con's), but what makes the difference are two things....your mindset and the products you use. It is just that simple, how you feel about your hair  and the products that you use on your hair will affect it's how it is protected, how it grows and how you maintain it.

  Now, I and my business partner want to share with you what we have known for years (and what we use in our own hair) and educate or re-educate you about the benefits of not only using natural ingredients in natural products, but the benefits of using certain natural products.

  We have come out with a 4 product handmade and natural hair care line for natural hair sistahs of ALL hair types (from wavy to coily), scented with a delicious strawberry scent:

  1. Shampoo Bar
  2. Leave-In Conditioner
  3. Pomade Oil (for hair and scalp)
  4. Styling Gel

featuring your favorite ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax and flaxseed.

 I could go on and on...and on...and, about the benefits of those 8 ingredients listed above, but I won't today. What I will talk about (as I said earlier) are the benefits of using certain natural products such as a "shampoo bar". For those of you who don't know, I shampoo bar looks exactly like a bar of soap...dun, dun, dunnnn!

the difference is that the ingredients in the soap are beneficial to the hair follicle and the scalp. And now, let's get into why you should use a shampoo bar:

  1. The cost: our handmade and natural shampoo bars cost $10.00 for an 5 oz bar of soap that last 2 to 3 times longer than commercial and store brands, which cost anywhere from $8.99 to $30.00 that last only couple of months
  2. The lather: we all know that it is about the lather, shampoo bars have a RICHER lather than commercial and store brands. Just watch, click here
  3. NO PRESERVATIVES: we use a process call "cold process" to make our handmade and natural shampoo bars and that process completely eliminates the need for preservatives, so you don't have to worry about bacteria or any kind.
  4. They travel: by this I mean that they can be taken with you easily when traveling (no issues for you with TSA) and/or be taken to the gym with you as well.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Keep Calm AND Protect Your Natural Hair From Harm

  When I was a young girl, I remember sitting right in front of the television (even though my mother would repeatedly tell me to move back because I was too close to the television) and watch Saturday morning cartoons; as that was my favorite thing to do on Saturday's. As I watched Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, when the commercials would come on I would see these "Just For Me" commercials advertising relaxers to young African-American girls and I would "ooh and aah" at how pretty I thought their hair looked (remember I was a very young girl and hadn't learned to love my GOD-given hair). Now, fast-forward twenty or so years, and I am all about my natural hair and I am all about using natural products on my hair. And of course advertising executives have noticed, what they call "a trend" and begun to advertise heavily on every medium, stating that their products have "natural ingredients". So, I go out and look for products that say that they have Olive Oil or Shea Butter in them and I am thinking, "Hey, I am really doing right by my hair.". I couldn't have been more wrong! I discovered that many of the products from MAJOR beauty brand companies either outright lied or used very little natural ingredients in their products.

  Now, don't go and start pulling out your hair in frustration (after having watched the video above), it's not over until it's over. There are many small business companies that are found in some stores and online that do offer natural hair products with very few ingredients (that is another flag if a product contains a large list of ingredients), that truly help your hair. You can test that the ingredients that they list are in fact natural ingredients (if the company list them using their Latin names), by googling the word "INCI Dictionary", it is a reference tool to use to find out what the layman name is for any ingredient in a beauty or cosmetic product.

Coming this June! UNIQUIC Couture Boutique Wild Fresh Strawberry natural hair products:
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  1. Shampoo Bar
  2. Leave-in Conditioner
  3. Pomade Oil
  4. Styling Gel/Custard

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate: Men's Perspective on Natural Hair


   Terrence Howard was once quoted as saying that dating Black women was antiquated (for those of us who don't already know that the word "antiquated" means, Webster Dictionary defines it as meaning that something is "outdated, old fashioned, old and stale". Unfortunately, there are many, many, many men with some form of melanin in their skin that feel this way about African American women; especially about natural hair (natural hair meaning, when African American women decided not to permanently straighten their hair by using chemical relaxers). There are some men who do LOVE natural hair and LOVE Black Women, they wouldn't have their women be any other way. If your interested in getting the Black man's perspective on whether they love or hate natural hair watch these two videos.

Different Black Male Perspectives

A Black Man that LOVES Natural Hair